What We Offer


Digital Strategy

Consumers now own up to 4 connected devices per person! New technologies, new applications and news ways to interact in the digital space are arriving at such a fast pace that it’s hard to know where you should invest time, money and resources. Even multi-channel strategies are failing as customers look for a seamless experience across your organization.


How many of your tactics are similar? Take ad boards, train the trainer events and internal program launches. All involve group meetings where information is shared, reviewed and acted upon, yet each one of these seems to get treated as a separate entity and requires three times the amount if time, effort and resources to execute. Many of these can be integrated into a seamless online, offline, in the cloud, anywhere solution.



Despite our focus on building digital solutions, we are teachers at heart. There’s nothing we love more than building great, interactive workshops for sales people. ICI brings over 30 years of combined teaching, coaching and training workshop expertise to the table. Looking to change the dynamic at your next meeting? We’d love to help!

Brand Development

We recently worked with an internationally renowned hematologist to develop branding and access to a novel bleeding assessment tool that will help thousands of Canadians evaluate and understand if they have a bleeding disorder and whether to seek help.

This custom web solution combines thought leadership, knowledge, translation and an app that, together, help reach the target audience.

Brand Development


Mobile Apps

If it’s not on my phone, it doesn’t exist. Sounds like the fantasy, but mobile apps will form the cornerstone of communications and information over the next 20 years. Those entering medical practice in over the past ten years are the first generation to grow up “connected”. Right behind them is a generation of customers who only see access to information via apps, not computers and web browsers. Wholesale change does not need to happen now, but with our help, you can start to understand where mobile fits into your short term and long term goals.